viax B2B Digital Commerce Platform Proof-of-Value

Too often, the ecommerce platform RFP process doesn’t result in the right solution.

Vendors provide a checklist of features, but when it’s time to deploy the platform, it may not perform as expected, integrate well with existing technology, or it may even break other parts of your system. 

The system can’t do what was promised, and the merchant is stuck with a system for 2-3 years that doesn’t meet their needs.

This is why an ecommerce platform proof-of-value (POV) is so crucial.  

With a viax digital commerce platform POV, you can ensure with 100% confidence that you don’t have any of those issues. 

Our unique digital commerce platform POV puts the power back in your hands. There are no surprises; you know how much the solution costs; the deployment timeframe, and you can see it in action in your environment with all the capabilities you expected. 

The viax POV gives you a valuable opportunity to:

  • Ensure the platform can support project requirements
  • Conduct a full test of the actual capabilities, including integrations
  • Validate the solution cost-effectively and quickly

With a viax POV, you can be certain. 

We invite you to schedule a meeting with a viax specialist to learn more about the viax digital commerce platform POV. 

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